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Sunset Vibe Lamp


The Sunset Vibe Lamp

Create a stunning sunset atmosphere in your home day or night with this sunset projector lamp. Using this home accessory to project a warm light, you can create a variety of moods to fit your decor or the room where you are using the lamp. The gorgeous Sunset Red color makes a perfect addition to romantic evenings, home decor, parties, photography, videos, and live broadcasts. By projecting bright orange light, SocialPoodle's viral Sunset Lamp brings the golden hour into your room any time of day and fills your space with the mesmerizing colors of the sunset.

Easy to Operate and Enjoy

Operation of the Sunset Lamp is easy as long as you have the necessary space. The sturdy base and sleek design allow for the lamp to be placed freely on nearly any flat surface. You can easily adjust the height to project a beautiful sunset onto a wall or projection screen, from up to 1.5 meters away. The lamp head rotates 360┬░ and the neck tilts 180┬░ to enable you to create different effects at any possible angle.

You can also adjust the size of the projected halo by simply changing the distance of the lamp from the wall or your photo subject. You can also post the results, like many others have done, on social media to share your gorgeous creations, give tips on how to best project the sunset, or challenge others to match your creativity. Wherever you choose to post your projections, you'll enjoy the beauty of the sunset anywhere, anytime you want!

Many Ways To Use This Versatile Lamp

  • Create a spotlight on a wall, screen, or curtain to make a breathtaking sunset image
  • Add fill or background light in your photos or videos, as the Sunset Lamp provides the ideal lighting for any photography project
  • Highlight home decor items with moody shadows and bright colors
  • Create wall effects by projecting the sunset colors into corners, near doorways, or onto nearby items using the adjustable angles
  • Enjoy sunsets in every room; all you need is a flat surface and a space to capture the radiant projection
Sunset Vibe Lamp
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